The things u do when ur daughters in the hospital!! Praise God right now all’s good w me!!!

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Karen Petty Wright
over 1 year

god bless you...that's my way of handling stress too!!!

over 1 year

Your welcome. She’s been in and out but now something is wrong w her heart. It’s hard to take care of ur own kids when u don’t feel good but as a mom u have to put ur kids first. The only thing is .I REALLY REALLY DONT WANNA MISS HIS CONCERT!😢😢But like u said God knows. Just maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to go w her. We both will be so upset if we cant😭😭😭

skeeter adkisson
over 1 year

@kloejean1677 oh my goodness my friend that was totally awesome I really enjoyed it you know that's what mamas do you know it sweetheart Mama's do everything they can possibly do for the children I would take my last breath for my child you know that was so so darling and so cute I really enjoyed it and put a big smile on my face and God knows how I needed that thank you thank you thank you and I truly hope your daughter is getting better in the hospital I hope everything is going well thank you again for sharing