Luv, thoughts & prayers go out to this sweet lady, momma Bryan. So sorry for the damage to your home, looks like it sustained some major damage. but thank God you are ok. I'm sure your wonderful son & all your family will give you a lot of luv & support.!😀❤🙏❤🙏

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Mary Bullick
12 months

Sending thoughts and prayers 🙏🏼❤️

12 months

Thank goodness she has Luke, Caroline and the rest of her family to get her through this💙💙💙

Karen Sellers
12 months

I know @North country , this poor woman has had to deal with so much pain & sorrow in her lifetime . But just like her son, they persevere with a smile on their face. I admire their upbeat personality & how they deal with all their pain!❤😀

North country
12 months

@Karen Sellers. We all am so sorry that this happened to this great, sweet lady. I am sure that Luke and Caroline will be there to support her. That family sticks together during trying times. However, it doesn't erase that devastation that she has to deal with.

Terrie Dietsch2
12 months

miss leclaire, i,m so sorry for your loss of your house ,I just thankful u r ok ,god bless u hon