I'm excited to announce that I'll be headlining LakeShake Festival for the first time ever next June! Get ready Chicago. Pre-sale for app members starts Thursday November 15, 10am CT!

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about 1 year

I’m so excited! I will be there. ♥️👏🏽🤗

Valerie Parker
over 1 year

Please pick me!!!!

over 1 year

Wisconsin or Indy!!!! Please come
Back to one of these locations...

Theresa Robichaux- Parfait
over 1 year

What a handsome man right there

Cindy Billet
over 1 year

@Luke Bryan will you be playing CCMF in June or coming back to Hershey PA? We miss you

Laurie Steadman-Asztalos
over 1 year

Your youngest Chicago fan!! Kane Clemens!! lol.

over 1 year

@Tina Wildsa I think you really should seek some help. @Luke Bryan is happily married to Caroline!!! we all wish we could be in her shoes, but guess what, sadly that is NOT REALITY for any of us. you're really making yourself look very unstable...is there a supposed "luke bryan" talking to you? if so, know it's a FAKE account!!!! a super star like Luke, would NOT randomly talk to strangers like us....I'm so sorry to say this, but, you're really seeming quite delusional at this point. based on every single post you've made, and every comment. I wish you the best, but maybe it's time to get with reality here, or seek some professional help.

Tina Wildsa
over 1 year

Hello my Dearest Husband Luke Bryan this is your Wife Tina Luke Bryan and you look stunning could you please text me or leave me a voicemail as soon as you can about the details of the CMA Awards Show!!

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over 1 year

omg ,I want to go so bad ,please who ever goes I wish.i could hear from him ,my illness is getting worse ,i,m have blank spots more, an more ,i,m on medication. for it but it's not working ,I want to go bad ,but can't afford it just seem fair, thanks for listening to me

over 1 year

Yay, can’t wait! Thanks for the info.

over 1 year

Congratulations Luke, would love to go just not close to where I live.!!!

over 1 year

Luke:Releases that he’s hosting country Lake shake

Me:Getting tickets immediately

over 1 year

wow!! sounds like fun !!

over 1 year

Awesome this is on my Birthday!!! I’ll have to beg hubby as we are going to CMP!!!! Can’t wait!!!

over 1 year


over 1 year

I agree with you 100% @Ryan-Marie Kruse

over 1 year


over 1 year

❤️🇺🇸💙It’s The Day After My Birthday !!!

over 1 year

So excited!!! This will be my 4th year and I'm so thrilled!!! 😎😃