So, I see Luke at the Houston Rodeo every year but this will be my 1st year to ever have a ticket for “down in the dirt” and I am beyond excited!!!! For anyone who has ever been down in the dirt for Houston Rodeo.... do you have any tips on the best way to get to the very front!!??

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about 1 year

Thank you so much @meganlee11 that’s good to know!

about 1 year

@jessicag94 If you’re in a group, have one or two people grab the chairs and then have the others run to hold the spots. That’s what I did last year and I was able to be at the front for Brad Paisley. They’ll let one row up at a time and alternate sections. It will be packed at the front but it is totally worth it! Enjoy!!

Ruby Norwood
about 1 year

Have a great day!!

forever loving Lukey
about 1 year

@TaylorAlyssa21 I think you've been down in the dirt ?