I still can't believe I FINALLY was able to get pit after years of trying!! Can't wait!! ❤❤❤

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Lynda Winchell
about 1 year

So jealous! I got 3 presage tix for SPAC... but I couldn’t convince the hubby to shell out the big bucks for VIP 😔

about 1 year

Lucky you, I just can’t fork over that much money 💰 for VIP! I got section 5,row A though!!

about 1 year


about 1 year

@Angie Dunphy Campbell For me it was the Tuesday before general onsale. Good luck!

Angie Dunphy Campbell
about 1 year

I hope I’m this lucky for Charlotte. I just wish I knew what day so I could be ready! I’ve gotten tickets every year through the nut house, but I did upgrade to the all access this year. Hoping I can figure it out!