My big laugh of the day story...
So hubby hears that NFL Draft is April 25th, and says he wants to watch it, since he'll be home (it's my birthday). I kind or roll my eyes, and say "Yeah, that'll be fun." And what do I see last night??? This! OK, I guess I'm in babe! 😂

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about 1 year

Luke had mentioned it on American Idol!!

about 1 year

Love it 😍!!!!

Sierra Clark
about 1 year

Can someone videotape it & post it on here @bbsalts

about 1 year

Thanks guys, have a great day 😁
@judythomassmith , NFL draft is on Thursday, so no worries about missing Idol 😉.

about 1 year

I heard he's gonna be making some appearances on tv n such!

Kelli in MN
about 1 year

❤️ that story! 😂

about 1 year

Yes. Will Idol be on?

about 1 year

Hell yeah