NLR when you find your favorite tv show on YouTube and have a Reba marathon this is how we got my daughters name we heard the name Cheyenne and fell in love with it

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Karen Petty Wright
about 1 year

that's a great show

about 1 year

Yes he does

skeeter adkisson
about 1 year

@lbfan4life well I guess great minds think alike because I have three children and my middle child is Kelsey you know what show I got that name off of????? "" Frasier"" but it seems like every time I hear a Kelsey name it's a girl my son said Mom when he got older you name me a girl name I said does Kelsey Grammer look like a girl to you he looks at me like to be honest he does remind me of a girl and I just lost it.. I totally laughed my butt off every time we get on this subject so thanks for the laugh laughing my butt off for you to bring up names like that