I ended up getting VIP Pit section in Cincy is that a good choice 😩😩😩???

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6 months

No ... if you have Pit tickets you will have to get there early in the day and stand at the spot you want in front of the stage. People easily get there by noon and stand in their spot all day ... it’s a long day.

6 months

If u have VIP are guaranteed to be up front?

6 months

I went to Cincy last year, Luke was wonderful but Verizon has the entire inner corner of my side of the pit blocked off for a promotional thing they had 😫. Pit is my Fav, but it’s a long day on your feet I also go hours early to get in line.

6 months

That’s what I get wherever I go and I love it! I have never been to Cincy though!