The ticket sale process is awful. I tried in the presale, was on the second tickets were available and had zero options. I was told to try the general on sale. I was in the queue 45 minutes before tickets went on sale. When I was finally “let in” to actually purchase the only tickets available were “certified resale” tickets that are more than quadrupled in price. For someone that has always been a fan club member and never missed a show this is completely disappointing. What’s the use of being a member if you aren’t able to get the tickets.

The fact that PIT tickets (plus all other tickets) were listed on resale sites for $690+ BEFORE tickets went on sale is ridiculous. Who can afford to pay that for a concert.

Something needs to change.

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about 1 year

I understand fan club does not guarantee them, however they are already listed on resale sites for an absurd price. The VIP is different than regular PIT and cost is about $200 more per ticket.

about 1 year

Ticketmaster is awful these days, it’s like this for every artist. There is pit VIP for Cincinnati now if that’s what you wanted...

In fairness, the membership doesn’t guarantee tickets.