I'm so appreciative to the fans who have shown up and made returning to Crash My Playa for sixth year possible. Jason Aldean being there is going to be epic. See y'all Jan. 22-25 at the new location, Moon Palace Cancun.

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Emily Maya
2 months

Omg that would be a big dream come true 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Maddie Grimm
8 months

I wish i would have went! But i went to the concert last night in the third row!!!!!!

9 months

wanna go so bad..if only I was rich! ughh

Tyler Parrish
9 months

Anyone know if we get a presale
Code somewhere on this site for crash my playa?

9 months

We bought our package again this year! So exciting!!!

9 months

I wish I could do it. Maybe if I win the lottery

9 months

It is on my bucket list....life and health issues will get better and I'll be there one day!!

Laurie Montgomery-Taylor
9 months

So there, just booked!! Round 3 💕🍾🍹

9 months

Hey Lukester , how bout trying to bring in KID ROCK , with you and Jason ?????

Tanya Graibe
9 months

Can’t wait!

9 months

Would love to be there

9 months

Luke Bryan in Cancun, Mexico....here I come ❤️💕👄

Tracy Watts
9 months

My birthday is January 22nd. I know what I'm asking my family for!!!

9 months

I can’t wait !

9 months

This will be our first and we are soo excited....

9 months

Have to budget this one in somehow..just gotta be there!!

9 months

I love you Luke Bryan you are the best singer my name is Brody I am8 years old I am going to your Concert

9 months

Want to go do bad hate to fly but may have to address my fear Jason aldean plus look hell yeah

Amy Leduc
9 months


9 months

So happy Crash My Playa has moved to the Moon Palace!!!