I can’t wait to see how Luke opens up his tour this year!!! Last year I was on cloud 9 being front row twice in the pit!! I would die to have a M&G!!! ❤️

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4 months

@Ruby Norwood Thank you!! Is is July yet? Lol ❤️

4 months

Same here. I am either in pit front row or someplace closer or in close seats. I get great pics and videos but no M&G. Praying this is my year as well.

Amanda Brinkley
4 months

I’m wondering the same! I have got front row pit 5times and front row 1time in the VIP! But I never get a damn m&g!! I’m hoping this is my year!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Ruby Norwood
4 months

@Stephjoyner , have a blast my friend.♥️🤠💙

4 months

Same! @Stephjoyner