I wonder if like will do another farm tour this year? Hopefully he will have better luck with the weather than last year

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24 days

there's a break of time if you notice the back end of his tour. earlier this year though.

24 days

@Anna Procopio Farm Tour is my absolute favorite. He just seems so loose and fun. I have been to 5 regular shows and 2 farm tours and FT is my favorite.

24 days

@Anna Procopio I think Luke is very committed to the Farm Tour concept! Hopefully he’ll continue with those concerts! 🎶🚜💨🎶

Anna Procopio
24 days

I've never been to one so I would love to go

24 days

@Anna Procopio I really LOVE Farm Tour. I hope!! Hope he comes close to Pgh so we can go again!! This pic is so cute. ❤