I just love how some of you are impersonating Luke and sending me private messages pretending to be him. I know the REAL Luke would NEVER send a fan private messages, so to those of you who are trying to fool me, STOP! I am not stupid.

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Kathleen Mathews Lpn
25 days

They are all over this app. Was scammed myself over a fake invitation to CrashMyPlaya. Fake Luke for two months this person tried everything he could to scam me. He hacjed my bank account everything. Max out my credit cards. Destroyed my bank account. Even took pictures off facebook. All my social media invaded and ruined. Oh well most you Luke Bryan fans could care less what happens to me or my mother. Please just realize for every ten fake Luke Bryan's you see on the app. There is only one Luke Bryan. They are very good. Scammed me for three sets of concert tickets and messed up my CrashMyPlaya reservations. Making it impossible for me to even go to CrashMyPlaya..... Everyone on this app speaks out both sides of their mouth. Maybe someday people will remember there is only one God and HE is in large and in charge.