NLR but can I just say how much I love Jon Langston! I’ve seen him quite a few times now and he remembers me!! Saw him last night in Columbus and met him again and when he seen me, he instantly stretched his arms wide open and gave me the biggest and longest hug! If your not following him, do yourself a favor and get to a show! You will not find a more genuine and amazing guy who loves his fans!

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5 months

Priceless pic! He was great opening up for Luke and Cole Swindell is awesome too!!

Tanya K
5 months

That’s awesome! What a cute pic!! 💕

5 months

Awww... Amanda that is so awesome! He needs to come back this summer so we can go! This is a great pic!!!

5 months

That’s so sweet! Wow

5 months

very cool

5 months

Sweet ❤️