Hi All,

Started uploading my CMP 2020 videos finally. :). Here’s a link to a quick one. Enjoy! I’m going to put all the 2020 videos there and then go back and all the prior three years of CMP videos I have. Yay! https://youtu.be/jHtqY4KJLjQ

Crash My Playa 2020 Luke Bryan Play It Again
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6 months

You’re all so welcome. I’m going to post a ton of my like videos over the next few days. Started posting on the YouTube channel because those scammer accounts kept taking my posts and posting in weird places. Super frustrating. Still want to share with you guys though. :)

6 months

Thanks for sharing

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6 months

Thanks for sharing!! ❤️❤️

6 months

Love it! Thx for sharing I just can’t get enough of Luke ❤️🔥 Lol 😊