Hey Lukesters! Sorry I've been MIA lately, just a lot of stuff going on with family and work. Just wanted to hop on and say hey and that I'm still alive and kicking over here lol hope everyone has a great day today! I'm patiently waiting for Luke day at Rodeo this year and praying this happens again this year!

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14 days

@TaylorAlyssa21 Hey there!👋🏼That is one awesome M&G picture!💕

forever loving Lukey
14 days

trust me, I know you and I know your hiny will be at the rodeo😂

14 days

Great pic and welcome back!

15 days

@Kim Roddey one of my local radio stations who knows me pretty well, was doing a raffle thing and my name got picked to meet him!

Kim Roddey
15 days

girl HOW did you get that?

15 days

nice to see you again @TaylorAlyssa21 .