Luke is singing the National Anthem tomorrow night at the Nashville Predators CHD night!

Luke Bryan To Support CHD Awareness At Nashville Predators Game
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about 2 months

@JennNiles that’s too funny 🥰☺️☺️

about 2 months

@italiangem3737.....I just got a notification that said “You don’t want to miss this post from italiangem3737” I should have screenshot it!! 😍

about 2 months

Is that for real? I bet he’s practiced his butt off! Lol

Cindy Seiger
about 2 months

I hope they will put it on a channel that I can see!!

about 2 months

I hope someone who gets that channel records it for us😊🙏🏼

about 2 months

@italiangem3737 I hope we get to hear it on YouTube!🌟🎶🌟

about 2 months

i saw that. wish i was there!