Happy Friday all my App friends!!Damn I miss this!!!🤬🦠

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Tanya K
3 months

I miss it so much too @LMG1969!!

3 months

@LMG1969 Such a great video!❤️
Miss the concerts so much and I’m sure Luke does too.
Thanks for posting.👍🏼

3 months

Missing Luke on stage so much!!! Love this video, thx!! Enjoy a great day🤠💙👍🏻

Maura Jeanne1
3 months

@LMG1969 I miss it too girl!!! Was this Fort Wayne?? Ohh that was SUCH an AMAZING show!!! I absolutely love this thanks for sharing!!!! 💕

3 months

Love your video!!! Great view 😍 Such a fun summer song!! I could watch him allllll daaaay!! @LMG1969 I MISS it too!! Have a great day!

3 months

Happy Friday @LMG1969!! Have a Fantastic Day!! Awesome Video!!😁💙😁💜

North country
3 months

We all do.

3 months

enjoy the long weekend

3 months

have a great day @LMG1969