I LOVE HIS ENERGY ON STAGE!!! Happy Friday and I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend! Hopefully this weather improves so I can go on my boat and get my convertible out. No matter what I’m doing I will be cranking up Luke!! ❤️🎶😊

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3 months

Thank you @North country @jsodowsky @wildcatfanone @annl0106 @maurasinwonderland and @DebbieBeechener This rain needs to go!! Hope you guys have better weather! Happy weekend!! 😊🎶

3 months

I hope you can enjoy your weekend to the fullest with Luke on full blast my friend🤠💙👍🏻

3 months

have a great weekend, good weather or not!

3 months

Happy Friday @Stephjoyner!! Have a Fantastic Day!!😁💙😁💜

3 months

@Stephjoyner I hope the weather will allow for those fun plans! Getting out on the boat sounds like so much fun!
#FingersCrossedForYou 🍀🤞🏼🍀

North country
3 months

Have a great weekend