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Never know what is to happen at a Luke Bryan concert 😂😂 Ethan, Chancie Neal and I think Black Mike, whipping and nae naeing before Luke came out.

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Heather Bochonok
almost 3 years

This is awesome!

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almost 3 years


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Rynell Stanley Samples
almost 3 years

I think he was too short to be Black Mike. Not sure

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racquell paoli
almost 3 years

This is so funny !! 😂

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almost 3 years

Love this!

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almost 3 years

That was sooo funny for them to do that!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

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almost 3 years

HaHa..that's awesome....thanks for sharing!

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almost 3 years

that was freaking awesome ty

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almost 3 years

Love it!!!! 💜 thanks for sharing vic!!!