So I'm on the fence if I should see Luke Bryan in Fresno. That's where I live, however I will be at Stagecoach 3 day festival in Indio CA, which he will be performing on Sunday night. Saturdays line up is Chris Stapleton, John Fogerty, Joe Nichols, the band Perry and Carrie Underwood.
Should I drive to Fresno 5 to 6hr drive, or take a flight which is about 500 dollars to see him close or just stay at Stagecoach and see him Sunday from far away? I'm thinking of vip or just pit tickets for Fresno. What would you do? I will also see him at Country 500 but that's another festival and I won't be seeing him up close either.

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over 4 years

Go for the close up.....

over 4 years

Thanks, I was thinking of driving to save that flight Money and doing vip since I've never done vip yet:-) would love another meet and greet since the last one went so well and I had him laughing with tears.😂 I wanted to see Chris Stapleton but he also will be at country 500.

over 4 years

I would make the drive to see him I wouldn't spend $500 on flight but that's just me and I would do VIP.