I took my daughter to see Luke Bryan in September and we were front row pit. I am thinking of taking her to see him again in April and considering doing VIP with seats this time. What is a ballpark figure I should expect to pay through the Nut House?

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over 4 years

tell him I'm doing it for my 9 year old. ; ) I've seen Luke 8 times and my daughter will probably never speak to me again if I don't take her next time

over 4 years

Thanks! I'm not sure the hubby will like me paying that for a 9 year old. Maybe I'll just try for the pit again.

over 4 years

VIP is great

over 4 years

Correct VIP cost this year thru the Nut House is 219.00. if you go to the Nut House site and,click on VIP it takes you to CID Entertainment who they have partnered this year with and that is the cost liated

over 4 years

I'm new, but if I am looking at it right the vip price is 219.00.