Your music inspired me to have faith in a lot of things. it all started when i was 10 and i am now 14. It was the scariest thing that has happened to me and it would be to any other kid. my mom had this bad infection she had a total of about 7 surgery's in about a month she had a 5% chance of living. We were all scared. My mom was like my best friend. After I heard that she almost died I cried myself to sleep until the night that I got to see her and then when I saw her I cried because it was like I was dreaming but I wasn't it was all real I am glad that my dad was there he was the one that comforted me I still dream about it and still cry about it and my whole family still talks about it. When I got to see her for the first time it was a nightmare and I cried every day and sometimes I still cry about it. It was a sad time when she came home because the day that my mom came home my dog died. My mother and I have a hard time coping with the fact that he died I still get sad when i think about him. That is my story I wish that I could go to a concert but my family has no money and can't afford anything I have had the same pair of shoes for about 6 years.That is my story wish I could go to a concert around me but that will never happen not in a long time and I would like to meet you in person with my mom. But I do not think that ot will happen. this was my worst experience that happened to me.

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over 4 years

Geez these silly made up sob stories lol