I need to vent

I take back my hatred on Luke Bryan for making his lake. After riding where I live I start to see the difference between Luke and the area I live

Luke is making a lake for his leisure and whatever other reasons.

The area I live I see a new lake being made every month. I see at least five being made and there at least a hundred them around where I live. Most of them are resident and cut off anglers like me

It's very good and yuppie-vile where I live. Golf carts is the every day and the area is so man made ur makes me ill to my stomach

Every day I wake up to see it

I learn to hop in my car and go 40 miles toward central Florida to get that God created this and this is how God wants it

I feel so connected to God in the wild but when I am in my area it is like Brady Bunch meets Walgreen with yuppie to perfect world

Don't get me wrong but it's nice but to try fishing new spots it's aggravating cause I see awesome spots bits most private lol

Sorry for my venting

I guess I go back to my paradise

But some day I learn to use my fathers boat and go deep sea fishing but it be nice but to be in the woods is what I kill for and a steam and waterfalls, mountain hikes

Soon I see all that next year just miss my God true work of Mother Nature


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