I think NFL has all the right to sue Walmart!!!!

You see Thanksgiving is NOT what it used to be!

it's now black turkey day!!!!

Walmart took the holiday out if that day

It suppose to be a Thankful day

It's tradition not break it

I say NFL and families sue Walmart


I had to share it

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over 4 years

Ok so I know there are a lot of WalMart haters out there so I just have to say this. I work for WalMart and have for the last 10 years. We wouldn't be open on Thanksgiving if the demand wasn't so high. If people are going to come shop and spend their money with us then I think it's a no brainer to be open. I'm not saying I like working on Thanksgiving but my family and I have learned to work around it. We are a family every day so it doesn't really matter when we celebrate. Walmart is a business like any other. It's all about the money and this my friends is every business not just one.

over 4 years

I'm confused

over 4 years

Walmart is evil

over 4 years

What happened?