This might help with planning - wherever you are in the world! I can't believe they actually listed Adelaide and Brisbane Caroline Chamberlain!! Maybe our votes did count lol.... Looks like I might be visiting the work bathroom a few extra times tomorrow lol 🇦🇺🙃🇺🇸😊

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over 4 years

Yay Gill!!! I'm telling you just keep shouting out and before you know it, you will also hear that Luke will be going "Down Under" and you will get to see him live. It would be an awesome family learning trip for his kids!!! (Hint hint) 🤓🤓🤓

over 4 years

Awesome live stream I won't miss it

over 4 years

Your a cracker Gill.
Thanks for posting this.

over 4 years

thanks 4 posting it Gill.hinds.7

over 4 years

I might need to divert my phone down there.....😳😜

over 4 years

Haha lots.of toilet breaks tomorrow!