I understand a lot of fans everyday ask for their message be sent to Luke and expect a response. It would mean the world to me if Luke could get my message but I in no way expect a response.

Dear Luke,
A year and a half ago my family started a journey. My cousin and his wife who where married for many years and unable to have a child decided to foster to adopt. After months of class, training, and praying they got a call. Two little girls 2 and 4 need a home possibly for good. They came to live with my cousin and right away we new they were ours. These two little girls endured abuse, neglect, and mistreatment all there lives yet they loved on anyone that they came into contact with. After a year and half of fears of them getting returned to their parents, sleepless nights, and many tears on November 19th 2015 they become part of our forever family. Your music has helped me get through this year of ups and downs highs and lows. It always seemed when I was down and out "something Luke" would happen it was like God new what I needed. In this year and half I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and have had to battle the pain of that on top of it yet you always brightened up my day. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. You are truly amazing and you played a important role in helping me get through this last year and I'm sure the rest of my life.


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over 4 years

Thank you to your family for bringing them 'home'. Love those babies :) You all are amazing.