Dear Luke,
I am thankful for many things this year. I'll start with the cliché one on this app, and that is you. Your music just makes me so happy. I'm thankful for my dog (Koda), my sister Hailey, my brother Anthony (no matter how much of a pain he is), and my parents. Also, for my other sister Samantha who is currently deployed in Bahrain right now so she is not able to come home for thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of the troops that have fought or are currently fighting for our country. I am thankful for a free education and my ROTC program at my school, including master gunnery sergeant McKay, and Commander Russell. I am thankful for all of my past soccer coaches and taking a chance on me. I'm thankful for the food that I will get to sit down and eat here in an hour. I am thankful that when I graduate, I am able to join the marine corps. I am thankful for waking up this morning and getting to talk to my sister. There's still so much more, but I can't name them all. Just, thank you.

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