I am thankful for my Mother. She has proven me how much of a strong women she is by all the work she does for all the men in her life. ( ppl in photo, duh) I had to pick up the slack while her absence This holiday season. She was given the chance to see her family after 25 years of not seeing them. So I am also thankful for this Country to have finally approved my petition to give my mom her well deserved Residency. She is a Mexican woman that adapted to the American culture and lives like a great resident she has always been. I miss her dearly , we always spent every holiday together as a whole family. but her happiness she gets catching up with siblings, cousins and all family over a plate of turkey is all I can say is something way better to be thankful this holiday. I hope everyone is enjoying their day with family and love ones and like I always say feast like kings!!

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