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I'm going to share my opinion here, and I hope y'all agree. If you don't agree, I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings... I see app users still making posts about Alex Macon's article for DMagazine. We need to let it go now. We were all outraged and many posted on Twitter and other social media in response to his malicious opinion about Luke. I even responded to his article on the mag's wall. Luke has responded. Luke has proved him wrong by giving an awesome halftime performance yesterday. Any continued response to that article is just giving Mr. Macon more time in the limelight. No more energy should be given to the negativity of that article. Focus on the positives here. Luke and his band rocked the stadium. Moving on...

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almost 3 years

I agree also.

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almost 3 years


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almost 3 years

Agreed. He just craves attention!!!

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almost 3 years

I agree - let it go.....let it go.....🎧🎤🎧🎤

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almost 3 years

over and done with..time to move past the nonsense

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almost 3 years

Just let it go! Really, who has time to respond to every hater! So what if they don't like him there are many that do :)

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almost 3 years


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almost 3 years

Lol KY

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almost 3 years

I agree too. He doesn't deserve all of the attention.

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almost 3 years

I agree