If any app users are having the friends and messages was "crash" meaning when you tap that wall the app closes or does something else, or it the same thing happens when you try to access any other part of the app... I had it happen for a while on the live chat window too. Please send a message to disciple media so they can be aware of what is happening and fix the problem. The more instances of the problem the better able they are to trouble shoot and fix it. You can send them a message through this app under the help and support wall.

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Laura Boismier
about 3 years

I'm sorry you're having problems with the app. I wish there was a way I could live stream to the app

about 3 years

Ive been unable to watch videos.. they freeze after 30 seconds

about 3 years

Mine did yesterday and I deleted and reloaded the app and that part has been okay since...

about 3 years

My live chat just crashed earlier. 😒