TX you can post the disciple reply here. I got another reply this morning that they are going to try to get rid of my pending messages to see if a fix will work. I don't know if I will still be able to read them but I told them to go ahead and do what they need to LOL #takeOneForTheTeam!

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about 3 years

I think they are paying attention cuz I told them I am in group chats so I always have pending messages YAY!!

about 3 years

Here it is CA

unfortunately, we're still investigating this issue, we can reproduce it now, but are currently unable to find the main cause.

However once we do, we will deploy an app update - stay tuned!

One quick question; are (or well were) you participating in many group chat conversations?

Thank you once again four your patience.

All the best!
Disciple Media Support

about 3 years

I pray it works Ca