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Why do only some of them say buy tickets? I live in PA and trying to get the meet and greet tickets to AC

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almost 3 years

They aren't on sale yet...

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Luke Bryan Roxz It
almost 3 years

The ones that say buy tickets.. Are for his shows in Mexico... The other dates that are listed the ticket sale dates haven't been announced yet.

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almost 3 years

You can't buy meet and greets. You have to register to win them through the nuthouse(which is a paid membership) close to the concert date. Also, the new dates don't have tickets on sale yet. Those dates haven't been released.

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almost 3 years

Or they haven't gone on sale yet

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almost 3 years

they might be sold out

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almost 3 years

no, I'm trying to go to a concert. But why do some say buy tickets and others don't?

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almost 3 years

You trying win meet and greets through the fan club?