I'd say Caroline is lucky to have Luke ... but I'm not going to because Luke is very lucky to have a beautiful woman as his wife & the mother of his boys 😍😍😄😘❤️ I mean look at Caroline, she is such a damn beauty ❤️ I love them 😘

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Brenda 63
about 3 years

and she must be very understanding as busy as he is with everyone

about 3 years

A special couple! Hope they will be in love forever :)

about 3 years

Gorgeous couple...

about 3 years

I love her style! There isn't a dress she's worn that I don't like.... The blue one is my all time fav!

about 3 years

I agree! They are lucky to have each other!🇨🇦

about 3 years

So true! Beautiful couple inside & out!