Hey Luke these are my girlfriends ( minus one)and my daughter in front that went to see you in Charlotte last year and you sure brought the rain!!!!! We all plan to see you again in Charlotte in Sept. with the same crew and hopefully my other girlfriend who's name is Lorna will go. Due to dealing with brain tumors that tend to come back , she couldn't make that show but GOD willing when you come back in Sept she can go. The doctors had given her 9 to 12 months to live with the last tumor she developed due to the location of it but a Christmas miracle happened. They checked the tumor to see if it had grown, which it needed to , cause they were using the gamma knife. When they went to remove it, it was GONE!!!For now they don't see anymore in her brain but she can have one develop again . So hopefully her health will stay good and I can get her to your concert. WE ALL LOVE YA!!❤️

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about 3 years

Praises to the healing God....blessings!