here is a game for u I've done this one before but there r new people here also want to see if answers changed if you could spend the whole day with Luke what would u want to do keep it clean

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over 4 years

Cook supper for him

80's girl Gina
over 4 years

Just hanging out and get to know him.
Go on tour with him (just as long as I'm not singing,. I have a terrible voice)

over 4 years

Hang at the farm with him. Doing anything or nothing with him would be awesome.

over 4 years

Just hang out.. Go boating,fishing, whatever might b going on at the time... Would b nice to see some behind the scenes n meet the rest of the crew😏

over 4 years

I think I'd like to go along with him and his team and walk through a day of a concert

over 4 years

Get 2 know him better, off the stage. Ask questions.

over 4 years

Watch teen mom

over 4 years

Huntin fishing and lovin🦃🎣💕

over 4 years

I'd just want to follow him through a day. It would be wonderful to visit with him. I have so many questions I would like to ask him. I just feel he is a wonderful person and would really be easy to spend time with!