You ever get lessons about life through people from God by people of inspirational

The past two years Luke was used by God to help me though things in life. I can't say but it was things from the past which was bad but somehow Gif had used Luke to show me things which I can't explain. It be.a novel lol

Second my Great Aunt is second with her grace she brought the broken family back together. Again my past is very sad but turning out to be wicked awesome.

Then my brother who has parelel life to Luke in a way. Which they both seem to live with the same life style and belief. Which God had used both to give me more a light in life

And this application adds more wonder by Gods grace

I guess I should say. If you feel life is bad. Hold to the idea God will turn it around in great blessings. You wonder how but you see it was HIS work.

That's what I got to share

When life gets bad and you learn to reach for bigger and better dreams. God will have to cover all the way

I believe that can go for al.

As Bentley Dierks song says- HOLD ON

I want all to tell hold and believe and just believe what does not kill you will make you stronger and better


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