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Dawn S.
over 2 years


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over 2 years

I just love this woman. In any interviews she seems so kind and caring and she also doesn't seem to have any problem laughing at herself and having a real good time!

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over 2 years

Hahahaha.... that is hilarious... she's my kinda people😁😁😁😁

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over 2 years

Luv that hat mama Bryan . I bet Luke bought that for you! Your family has a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you again for the sweet man you call son. We luv him to!

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over 2 years

I'll have what she's having! 😄

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over 2 years

That hat!!!
I. Just. Can't.

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over 2 years

too funny!

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over 2 years


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over 2 years

Yep! Apple didn't fall too far from the tree thank goodness! 😂😂Thank you once again Mama LeClaire for your beautiful, caring, loving, talented, sincere, funny and sexy son Luke!💜💕💙

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over 2 years

I love the hat mama Bryan is crazy just like her son