I believe I am a true nut. The nut of the nuts.

I test your memory two events that I got your attention. In Estero, Florida I gave you an apology letter from my security from Gillette stadium. I had hope that was the second time you seen it. In Connecticut I had passed that note to Cole Swindel at New Haven.

Second time, Virginia beach do you remember people yell about a fish? And I said look at the fish. It was stuff and you look and said what kiss my ass? And before that you said how the hell you know Fast. And you said oh.. The fan club party.

So with that out, I share what makes me a really nut. I see you as an adventure to go out and meet challenges.

The night before the nut house party I was up at 4am that morning. I decided to go to the zoo for fun. Then like 5pm I get an email to ask if I was still interested to see you in Nashville 9 am the next morning. I was like... Sure. So I just hopped in my car, ran home for a change of clothes and drove straight up. I was up all since 8pm after the party. I slept in my car the way home.

That is not the end of my devotion

When Virginia beach show was up where I had VIP and reservation at a hotel. I had planned to leave my house 2am to drive straight up. Well sadly I had food poison. So guess what I did. I drove all the way up to North Carolina throwing up.. I can't count how many times I pulled over. I remember I was hurting and feeling I wanted to die. So 10 am I gone to Walgreens to get something, I only drank water of fear being sick worse.

So I had said to myself. I will go to a different state to see Luke and have an adventure.

Bossier city is my next adventure. I was about to sleep when all this came to me, I figured I am going to sleep in my car when I go up and stay in my car, I go fishing and live in my car for a few days..see I am a trooper

But the reason the money I don't spend on hotels will be money to see you in future concerts for.....more adventures, so yeah that is my story.


The video to show I am not lying about Virginia. That is one video but you hear me say sing fast and you go to know

Here is the link of Virginia beach VIP before fast

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over 4 years

The interaction was good! ;)

country girl 77
over 4 years

that was so cool!! I love his interaction with you in the video!! thank you!!

over 4 years

Mary --great video, thx for sharing 😂