What about Peyton and Those Broncos? ..So Proud for them! Both played their hearts out.

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over 4 years

yes it was! Now if people would let up over the Beer speech and how he stated: Thank you, to the man upstairs. geez! it was just a comment. Peyton Always dresses and had a lot of couth, very well mannered man with a big heart to go with that 'Tough enough', Body. He is, " THE MAN"! :)

over 4 years

Definitely a Well deserved Win!! :-)

over 4 years

Whoo Hoo way to go Broncos 🏈🇺🇸😊🙃🇦🇺

over 4 years

Very happy for Peyton!

over 4 years

Agree, so happy for Peyton!