To those who need a good cheer on Monday

I am sorry I should had said GOD bless me to visualize and make a digital art piece this so I can bless those who need it fir Monday morning

What I saw the tree was our savior and us in the tree. That riverS (because it says rivers and not a rivet) that the rives are the blessings and grace that flows to the olive tree which I made it look like the tree of life as this image came to me

So the rivers are the blessings and which we prosper and our leaf as our faith will not whither cause we are well provided

The sun and moon are signs of whatever in time that it's non stop

I had to post it cause some of you going through a hard time and I felt you had needed to see that

God bless and a happy Monday

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over 4 years

Have a good day doll

over 4 years

Beautiful stated.. Thanks!

over 4 years

Thank you, Mary

over 4 years

Happy Monday to you