19 days till Luke at Mohegan sun!!!!! Can not wait!!!!! Who else is going??? Any one staying at the Norwich hotel???

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over 4 years

Sounds like a great time ladies!!! Happy for y'all 😄👍🏽

over 4 years

I'm going Friday night. staying at the Norwich

Nicole Forte
over 4 years

I'll be there Saturday and would love meet up with everyone!!!

over 4 years

I'm going Friday!!staying at the hotel!

over 4 years

There a few other appster girls n I that are going to the fri show n there a few more as well I think that we're going to try I think to meet up so we all could meet n get a app selfie and I think we are going to try do the same thing for sat show and we're all staying at the Marriott you should come say hi with all of us