Just wanted to let everyone know that the prosecutor is working on my Dads case. He got some of his memory back and said the woman he lived with had 2 men come in and beat him. He lost everything but is still with us. Please make sure you do back ground checks on the people who are around your loved ones. Follow your gut. If it feels wrong look into it. Better be safe than sorry. His entire life was almost taken from him but the grace of God and prayers are keeping us strong

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over 4 years

My prayers are with you

over 4 years

Prayers to all of you!

over 4 years

sending prayers for your family.

over 4 years

Prayers to your Dad and your family🙏🏻

over 4 years

Oh my, how terrible! This is unreal! My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your dad. Hoping for a full recovery for your dad & these men are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

over 4 years

Sending prayers for your dad, you and your whole family.

over 4 years

omg, so sorry to hear this!how scary!!@ sending you some healing wishes for your dad to get better soon

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over 4 years

sending prayers to you and your family. I hope he gets better soon.

over 4 years

Sending you best wishes n speedy recovery to your dad.