If Luke and Caroline had a daughter, it would be the cutest thing ever. What do y'all think Caroline and Luke would name a girl if they had one? I honestly think it would be something like Caroline.

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over 4 years

Cool Slide Show :-)

over 4 years

Luke got his two boys that he wanted. Now they have Til and Caroline is enjoying girl time with their neices. I think they have their hands full. As Luke says, "we finally got the boys up and rocking now", which gives Caroline a better chance of seeing Luke on the road more often. This is very important for their marriage. A baby would make a road block between Caroline and Luke...not good!

over 4 years

they should definitely go for the girl

over 4 years

Luv this, great job! Luke & Caroline would have a beautiful little girl! Can you imagine? Their boys are gorgeous, so a girl would only complete their beautiful family.

over 4 years

Thank you

over 4 years

I love this he is just so great with kids