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I spoke to my father tonight about going to see you Luke @Gillette Stadium In Massachusetts in July. They are going to think about it. the Tickets are a bit pricey lol. And the seating chart the way they have the stage set up is horrible. They have the floor directly in front of the stage and the rest of the seats are either behind the stage or off to the side. The floor tickets are over 800 bucks lol. Wish they could have set the stage in the center that way everyone could get a good view lol.
So hopefully I get to see you this summer. My bday is June 22 and that would make the perfect bday present tickets to come and see you live in concert. love ya Luke

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over 2 years

Wait for the tickets to go on sale and buy them as soon as they do! You won't pay that much! And it says generic floor, layout not determined. So maybe the layout will be different!

Stay away from tickets for concerts that haven't officially gone on sale.

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over 2 years

Scalper tickets. Crazy to pay that price!

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over 2 years

YES, those are 3rd party tickets!!

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over 2 years

These tickets haven't went on sale yet.

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over 2 years

I've never paid over $70.00 for a ticket...you need to join the NutHouse or buy thriugh ticket master.