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Dear Luke,
I am flying all the way from Alaska to have an exciting weekend in Nashville, (St Patrick's Day weekend) with my 3 best friends from Iowa. I am in the Air Force and due to a change in plans to my training schedule, I am getting some extra leave to enjoy this time. I am writing you because I see that you have no events scheduled anywhere over this weekend... We have tix to the Grand Ole Opry for Saturday March 19, wouldn't it be awesome if Luke Bryan made a surprise guest appearance??? Just a thought.. 😉
Take care,

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almost 3 years

Thank you! Any other suggestions of places to visit are always welcomed...
I'm so ready for this much needed vacation with my friends. 🌹🍀

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almost 3 years

Hope you have an awesome time!💕💙

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almost 3 years

I think that exhibit is gone now

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Dina Durley
almost 3 years

Go see his Dirt Road Diary exhibit!!! Country Music hall of fame!!