Hi ya'll, I had surgery Thursday. & missed the Talk & the Late LateShow. I got home yesterday @ 3 PM, I had hubby getting the TV in the bedroom ready & of course wanted to be on the APP with everyone, I couldn't get on. I figured the fans crashed it! I deleted & reinstalled a couple of times & then finally this afternoon after deleting & reinstalling it's back! I did watch the awards, Luke was hot. I still need to watch new video. I did see red carpet pictures on Twitter. Anything else, I really have not been on since Wed. I didn't have my phone at the hospital, not feeling well enough to have it! Thanks!

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almost 3 years

Wishing you a speedy recovery!😋

Tracey Diehl Bolling Waddell
almost 3 years


almost 3 years

Hope that u r doing well. I'm sure if u scroll thru u will get everything u missed.

almost 3 years

Insider replayed deriks and luke prepping....i think it plays again tonight....i think it says highlights of acms