Be sure to tune in to CMT at 9/8c on 4/14

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Julie Denham Edwards
over 4 years

Yes! That's awesome.

over 4 years

My autistic son was ecstatic that you were in Dude Perfect!!! He loves them and knows how much Luke Bryan keeps his mama sane with all 3 kids having autism!!!! Thank you for making both our days so much brighter!😘

over 4 years

I can't wait until it comes on to see how luck dose

over 4 years

I loved watching this! It had to be so much fun(:

over 4 years

Way too much fun! I'd be a better driver for you! LOL!!

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over 4 years

if you jumped you are nuts #

over 4 years

Any extra Meet & Greets for tomorrow in Baltimore?? It would absolutely make my life to meet you again!!! I've traveled all over to see you, even Mexico! Please please please!! Brittany Morris is my name!

over 4 years

it is a great show

Kristine watson
over 4 years

what the hell lol

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over 4 years

I'm doubting you'll see this Luke...but it would cheer me up so much if you did. I am battling pneumonia and really could use some happiness ❤️

if you get a moment could you please read my story? It would mean so much! All I want in 2016 is this wish.....thank you! I completely understand that there is probably nothing that can be done and no worries. Love ya so much! 💕

My name is Heather Hadsock and I live in Charlotte, NC. Back in January, I wrote a special letter to you, that was seen by Cabelas CEO Tommy Milner, who is one of your tour sponsors. It was sent on to one of your tour sponsor representatives, Liz Duggan. I received a phone call from her in January 2015 stating that I would be receiving two tickets to his Kick The Dust Up Tour and be able to attend a meet and greet and meet the guy who has made my life so cheerful for the past years, Luke Bryan. ☺️ Youcame to my home city on 9/24/15. For those 8 months before, I told everyone how my dream was coming true. I was ECSTATIC!

You see, I spend a majority of my time in the hospital with a heart condition and a variety of issues that I don't let limit me. I have what's called POTS Syndrome. I was born extremely premature, weighing 2 pounds, and due to that, have many medical issues and spent a lot of my life in & out. I've had 7 surgeries over the past 2 years alone. Doctors are not sure what my future holds, but I live each day to its fullest. Your music always brings me out of such a dark place. It is my MEDICINE.

I picked a very special friend to go with me *we were brought together thanks to your music* and she also was beyond excited! 2 Days before the concert, I get an email from Liz stating that there would be no meet and greet, but my friend and I would be able to attend the VIP pre show.
My heart broke. I told everyone this was happening and turns wasn't. I told Liz that I was disappointed and she called me ungrateful, which I did not mean to be in the LEAST. I was just shocked that after 8 months of excitement, everything just fell apart. We arrived in the pouring down rain at the show to check in for VIP. Turns out they only had one wristband, my friend wasn't able to be with me at all. I was dripping wet, no friend, and ended up having a beer spilled down the front of me to top it off. I ended up crying seeing Luke. The VIP was an amazing experience I am truly grateful for.

My friend ended up angry at me, thinking I was lying about this whole thing. She bought a separate seat from me and I ended up watching the whole show alone. I sang my heart and still had so much fun, couldn't believe I was seeing you in person.

After the show I ended up back in hospital, but told everyone about how much fun I had seeing you. The show was SO much fun to experience!

I was surprised by a dear friend with tickets to Luke's Farm Tour in Columbia, SC that was 10/1/15.. I would give anything to hug Luke and tell him thank you for everything he has done for me, without even knowing. I found out about Cabela's giving m&g passes to those wearing 32 Bridge apparel. A Team Luke friend from Canada even made me a pair of 32 Bridge underwear as a joke to bring so I could be chosen. LOL!

This one dream means so much to me. I had my Columbia tickets....maybe somehow I would get my chance. The night before the show, I ended up admitted to the hospital. My dream once again was crushed. I cried myself out of tears. I feel like no matter what I do, that this one thing will never happen for me. I know so many people have this same wish...I just hope it can happen somehow.

I saw that your 2016 Kill The Lights Tour with Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch begins in February and is coming to Charlotte in September 2016. I'd give anything to meet all of y'all! Your music truly is my medicine!

Due to medical bills, financially it isn't possible for me to travel to see you, although I would give anything to travel to a show further away than my hometown. I do not get the chance to have much real fun...and when I do, I make memories I'll never forget. All of my dear Luke Bryan Nuthouse fan club member friends won the chance to meet you, but not me. I know my time has to come eventually.

The lyrics to one of your songs keep me going....they are my anthem:

"All you can do is just keep going
And thank God for what you have.......
Keep chuggin' along
Keep singin' your song
Put that plow in the ground 'till the daylight's gone
When you look back over your shoulder
At everything you've done
Put the good times in your pocket
Let the bad ones make you strong
And keep chuggin' along"

I appreciate you reading.....thank you!

Heather Hadsock
Cell: 704-519-5803

over 4 years

when will ur tix go on sale for arlington tx my sis lives there i really need to go lol i will fly just to see you in concert dream dream of mine

over 4 years

I can't wait!

over 4 years

thank god for dvr ty luke

over 4 years

live it

over 4 years

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night in concert I'll be far up in the back but just hearing your voice will make my night.. Love you Luke

over 4 years

when do we get a live stream

over 4 years

awesome picturw Luke as always .

over 4 years

I would but I'm going to be seeing you sweet face!