Photo album from last night's show in Charleston, WV is now available in the Multimedia section

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almost 4 years

I got to be there in Charleston that night. I am a huge Luke Bryan fan, and it was my first time seeing you in concert. I was privileged to have a VIP ticket. I must was the most amazing night ever!! Litteraly brought tears to my eyes during the acoustic show, couldn't believe I finally got to attend one of your concerts. Hoping to attend the one in Cleveland in August and some a meet and greet!! 😊 Thank you for putting on an amazing show!!

almost 4 years

Soo soo love this one!!!!!

Joey cris Crowe
almost 4 years

Yall are awesome! Never got to enjoy yall in PCB even though I live there but did catch you in Morgantown a few years ago!! And at the farm tour Tallahassee!!!!

almost 4 years

my first concert seeing Lukie an his awesome performance. loved every second of it. thank you!!! come back to Charleston soon.

Hannah Salcido
almost 4 years


Toni Jett
almost 4 years

Y'all Were so AWSOME 4/7/16
Charleston WVUrginia. So much 4
A great n Awsome
Kill The Lights Tour

Debbie Miller
almost 4 years

Wish I was there!💚

Ruby Norwood
almost 4 years

Awesome pics!!

almost 4 years

This is a great pic!

Becky Hamon
almost 4 years

Such an amazing time for me but most importantly for my 5 yr old granddaughter who is Luke crazy

almost 4 years


almost 4 years

Looks like a great time. cannot wait until August when you come to Minnesota.

almost 4 years

awesome pics

almost 4 years

Awesome, can't wait to see you in person!

almost 4 years

Had an awesome time, thank you for the autograph!

almost 4 years

Awesome photos Ethan!!

almost 4 years does one need to get contact with ya or agent or someone for in need of a miracle for a young 5 year old who in the hospital....can anyone help me out....greatly appreciate it...thanks

almost 4 years

can't wait to see you tomorrow night!!

almost 4 years

can't wait to see you in June!!!

almost 4 years

These photos are spectacular! It makes me feel like I'm there, just like that live stream did last night.

It's a beautiful thing to share all of these wonderful happenings of the concerts with everyone. You have no idea how amazing it feels for me to be a part of all of this. To be able to share in everyone else's joy at being there with you

Thank You Luke! G-d Bless You. This is a wonderful thing you're doing for all of your fans. I know I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. ❌⭕❤🎈🎊🎉💞🍻🍺