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What would ya'lls reaction be if Luke invited all of us app peeps to go fishing with him?? just asking for the fun of it lol😉 I honestly think I would faint!!

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about 2 years

Sign me up

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about 2 years

That could be a contest, winner gets a fishing trip with Luke!!

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about 2 years

I would grab my pole, tackle box and keys. I would faint if I saw him at his concert, but when it comes to fishing I am serious and don't have time to faint. 🚤🚣🏻🎣🐡🐠🐟

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about 2 years

I'll bring the beer, just let me know when😍

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about 2 years

Dream come true!!!

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Dina Durley
about 2 years

I would faint. Then pack❤️

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about 2 years

Lol I would think it was a con til I actually saw him and still .. Am I dreaming lol

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about 2 years

omg I would love that. we all would. it would be totally awesome and amazing Luke is incredible. and yes scream faint pass out etc.